Many of us struggle with living rooms that are smaller than we’d like. Do you dream of big style in a tiny space? With a little creativity and some smart choices, your small space can have a much larger feel.

Paint. Choose a light color to make your room appear larger. Most designers recommend white or a similar light color to expand a room. You aren’t stuck with white, however. A deep color used the right way can work, too. Paint the walls, the trim, and the ceiling all the same color, making the boundaries of the room practically disappear.

Scale your furniture. Choose furniture that is the right size for your room.  Think slimmer pieces, with low-profiles. Low or even backless seating helps create the illusion of more space. Clear pieces, such as glass or acrylic coffee tables or consoles accomplish the same thing. Another way to save space with your furniture: Pick pieces that serve multiple purposes, like storage ottomans or bookshelves working as consoles.

Arrange your space. Resist the urge to overfill the room. Make sure that you address both flow and function. Float furniture and place a console behind a sofa. Angling furniture is another way to keep a space from feeling too boxed in.

Design trickery. Designers always have a few tricks up their sleeves to maximize a tight space. Using a mirror not only reflects light, but makes a room appear larger. Add some height. Hanging drapes close to the ceiling makes a room seem taller. Tall floor lamps can do this, too. Another trick is to keep your decor simple. From your color scheme to your floor coverings, the fewer visual interruptions, the bigger the space will seem.

Make it interesting. Add interest with art and objects that don’t take up much space. Wall finishes, such as wainscoting, shiplap, and beadboard, provide interest. Keep your art big but limit the number of pieces.